There are a lot of imitation of diamonds, we often can not tell the naked eye, although this, we still need to understand what imitation diamond diamonds.

Now the use of diamonds imitation basically zircon-based, jargon called Fake Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra necklace, referred to as the Soviet Union drill, the Soviet Union before the use of ore refining. The chemical equation is only one carbon element less than the real diamond. Ordinary people almost can not distinguish. But the overall hardness can not reach the hardness of real drilling. Although zircon is also a natural material, but there are still synthetic ingredients. So in the resolution. The first look at the cutting surface.

Zircon material is low because it is not so careful when cutting, and many corners are almost flat and uneven in size. Second, look at the hardness, zircon and real drill can draw glass, zircon can not draw the mark above the iron. And then look at the purity, zircon purity close to the perfect, so a look to know Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica too fake. But the fire and the diamond is almost the same.

Followed by machine equipment can be measured. Then, because the density of the real drill is very high, in the Kazakh gas when the evaporation of the steam on the rock quickly, the diamond is very slow, and the diamond surface has a viscosity. So feel the sticky feeling of cheap van cleef & arpels jewelry.

Natural colorless gemstones. The most similar to the diamonds is zircon, because colorless zircon also has a large refractive index and dispersion, processing of zircon also has a radiant appearance, which is one of the best natural substitutes of diamonds. Diamond and zircon the difference is actually very simple of fake van cleef and arpels ring. Diamonds are equiaxed gemstones, polished and birefringent, while zirconia has polarized and large birefringence, and from its crown down to see the facet of its pavilion, Became two that is “double shadow” phenomenon, and diamond is still an edge.
Introduction to Diamond Imitation

Artificial imitation diamond. Another type of diamond with the most fake is cubic oxidation milling, referred to as cz. Because this synthetic gem is the earliest developed by the Soviet Union, and very much like diamonds, many people call it “Soviet drill”, cubic zirconia isometric system, hardness up to 8.5, refractive index and dispersion is also large, processing Good “Soviet drill” also has a sparkling appearance, sometimes its “beauty” even more than the general processing of poor natural diamonds in fake van cleef & arpels necklace.

Artificial diamonds, diamonds, diamonds, diamonds. What are the diamond imitations? The third type of fake is a synthetic diamond, it and natural diamonds often have almost the same physical properties, such as replica Cartier love bracelet, refractive index, dispersion, etc., alone can not distinguish between senses, the simpler distinction is synthetic diamonds usually have some metal Mineral inclusions, there will be “magnetic”, while the natural diamond is not magnetic.

Coated diamond. What are the diamond imitations? Coated diamond may be the most advanced imitation Cartier juste un clou bracelet on the market, it is the combination of high pressure and chemical vapor deposition method, the synthetic diamond cost is low, the conditions are simple. When this synthetic diamond coating thickness is greater than 10 microns, with the “thermal conductivity” determination, it has a similar reaction with natural diamonds. But this substitute is still flawed, one coating surface for the small diamond polycrystalline, generally gray appearance. Second, the proportion of coated diamonds and natural diamonds, which is the key to identification.
The optimization of diamonds is the optimization of color, clarity or durability of diamonds with poor quality.