Many people superstitious brand, especially the so-called brand name. Of course, if it is clothing shoes or other luxury brands or other famous brands do represent a higher quality assurance, unique taste and so on. But for replica Cartier jewelry, I would like to say: and slow! Diamond and other diamond jewelry and the brand is almost nothing to do. If you are willing to spend a lot of money to buy a so-called famous brand of diamonds, I can only say that you are ignorant, ignorant of the diamond. Of course, if you are wealthy, gold and other super-rich are beyond reproach, because where your money is spent, as long as you are willing. However, for the general public, this money in the end worthless, and listen to me slowly Road to.

Diamond ring to buy rational consumption

1, first of all bare drill, that is, no mosaic of diamonds
How is the value of a replica Cartier love ring, a diamond in the end value of the Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica geometry, is determined by what, there is no uniform standard? The answer is: Yes. Diamond in the international community is a unified standard and offer. It is like gold, silver and other precious metals, you can say that a certain brand of gold than some other brand of good or bad? Obviously not, as long as gold, as long as to achieve a certain quality (such as the people usually said 18K or 24K) on the value of the corresponding price. Not because of his brand is different, nor because of his origin and have a big difference. Diamonds as well. Determine the value of diamonds is determined by the diamond itself 4C, that is, the weight of diamonds, color, clarity, cut (fake Cartier jewelry), and these four are also detailed indicators and grades to divide. That is to say a diamond as long as the corresponding weight, color, clarity and cut the value of the corresponding amount of money.

2, and then look at the diamond ornaments set
Fake Cartier love bracelet real gold generally nothing more than K gold, platinum, palladium in recent years also useful. And all these precious metals is a unified measure and price. Needless to say.

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3, finally look at the style and technology
This is the brand diamond businessman to bring the most powerful magician. The same diamonds, the same set, why the price difference is very large, how to explain, how to serve? So they want to promote their style how fashion, how advanced technology, how to work fine and so on. I do not deny that this will be different, but the difference really so big? I think only fool friends, but the vast number of consumers are indeed layman.