Cartier Love Diamond ring replica brewed in the deep magma of the earth, with the violent volcanic eruptions, came to earth, and after hundreds of millions of years of weathering, sharpening and washing, and finally blooming dazzling brilliance. It became a constant water of the material, on behalf of the water constant heart, burning the eternal fire, the expression of eternal love, as the language of love to tell forever, never end.
Diamond history
In the 13th century, the French emperor St. Louis believed that only the Virgin Mary was eligible to wear diamonds, showing the lofty emotional value of diamonds. More feminine affection is that the legendary love Cupid’s arrows are studded with diamonds, so full of love magic.

In 1477, the Austrian grandfather Maximilon gave a diamond ring to the French steeply Mary, from then on to create a fake Cartier Trinity ring to establish a human culture tradition. Until today, to Cheap Cartier juste un clou ring as a love for women love, has become a common practice, swept the world.

In 1953, Hollywood famous movie star Marilyn Monroe starred in the movie “gentleman good seeking”, when she first saw Baroda moon diamonds, the excitement was almost stopped breathing, leaving the beauty of the beauty of the ages! The title song “Diamonds is the best friend of a woman”. Set off a high society on the urge of diamonds. Singing in the song:

The hands of a kiss so much intoxicated,
Only the diamond is the best friend of the hearts of the girl.
Men will grow old, women will grow old,
We will eventually lose the charm of fake Cartier jewelry.
Only to some beautiful diamonds,
But never lost luster,
Diamond is the best friend of a woman.

It is difficult to imagine, crystal clear, dazzling diamonds replica Cartier jewelry, but it is the most common stones in all the carbon crystal elements. This from the ordinary chemical composition to the precious diamond experienced by the process of beauty, the quality of the United States, for the human emotional value, do not also know this?