Cheap Cartier Love Bracelet ReplicaI remember the first time I saw a Cartier Love Bracelet replica – a girl in high school arrived the day after her 16th birthday and proudly showed off her “big” present. To be honest, I did not get it. A well off girl who had the nicest of nice things only got one thing for her birthday, a skinny gold bangle. Little did I know this bangle was thousands and thousands of dollars and would take a saw to cut off if you did not have the screw driver.

Over the past ten years the Replica Cartier Love bracelet real gold has grown on me and if made a no budget version of my Single Girls Valentine’s Day Gift Guide from yesterday this bracelet would be on it. The Fake Love bracelet is unisex, Kayne wears one, but I love the look of this flat bangle that screws on to your wrist, symbolizing eternal love. If you want more on the history of these bracelet, which have been around since the 1970’s, you can turn to this Vogue article or the always the trusty Wikipedia, but for now, here are celebs and bloggers in their Cartier Love Bracelets replica real gold:

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Like I mentioned, these bracelets cost more than a pretty penny. Just one will set you back $6,600 for the 18K yellow gold, $7,100 for the 18K white gold Cartier love bracelet, and $6,600 for the 18K pink gold Love bracelet. These are just the three standard bangles, they can get above $40,000 when you start to add diamonds.

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